Hello and welcome to Anna Clarke Elite Fitness.
My personal approach to fitness can provide you with a fresh perspective that can help improve your overall health and fitness while enjoying a flexible lifestyle.

I am an avid runner and have achieved many accolades. I competed at a high level as a junior and have continued my passion for running and am now an elite runner, competing in marathons around the world including; London, Sardinia, New York, Chicago and Berlin.

My work ethic is second to none and I truly believe that hard work and determination leads to achieving your goals and maximising your potential.

Training Options

anna clarke elite fitness

I provide personal training options to clients of all ages & abilities. I take pride in ensuring your training programme is suited to you and your lifestyle. My goal is to improve your physical fitness and mental attitude and help you achieve your goals.



Diet &  Nutrition

anna clarke elite fitness

Nutrition programmes helps you control what you eat and how to manage your weekly intake. I believe in providing my clients with the knowledge and the tools to implement a healthy diet, adopt a different perspective on food and sustain a better understanding of the importance of food in our lives.

Programmes can be adapted for different purposes such as eating to lose weight, eating for increased energy, eating for sport specifics, eating for a healthy lifestyle, eating for weight gain and eating for allergies.

Injury Rehabilitation

anna clarke elite fitness

I cater for people who have experienced an injury that has affected their movement and require a rehabilitation programme to aid their recovery back to mobility. My private studio is the perfect environment to complete your recovery journey.



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Client Feedback

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fitness process

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Achieving your fitness goals can be a simple process. It just takes determination, discipline, consistency and setting realistic, achievable goals.

anna clarke elite fitness
Fitness Consultancy

01 / Fitness Consultancy

Initial meeting: FREE

Your initial fitness consultancy is free. We will review your current condition, training, diet, timings and investment level. We will also showcase the private studio where you complete your training.

anna clarke elite fitness
Intelligent Training

02 / Intelligent Training

Starting from: £50.00 per hour

All fitness programmes are individually tailored to your fitness ability and your goals. I apply intelligent training methodology to deliver the best training solution for your needs within the timeframe discussed.

anna clarke elite fitness
Structured Diet Plan

03 / Structured Diet Plan

Starting from: Price to be discussed

Diet plans are designed to help you meet your goals. I will create a plan which is both balanced and healthy with additional recommendations on supplements and vitamins depending on our nutrition discussion.

anna clarke elite fitness
Programme Consistency

04 / Programme Consistency

Training from: x1 personal training session per week

Training requires a level of consistency for it to be effective. This means you need to frequently workout and adhere to the diet plan to see results within the discussed timeframe. I will make my recommendations during our initial meeting.

Expertise /Experience

Intelligent training methods
developed through expertise and experience.

My fitness expertise and experience has helped me develop result driven programmes using a variety of training methods. I have dedicated my time to educating and qualifying myself in many disciplines that allow me to develop tailored solutions for my clients.

level 3 Personal Trainer
advanced functional trainer
Diploma in functional performance and therapies
Level 3 Sports therapist
UK Athletics Leadership in Running Coach
Diploma in Sports Nutrition
TRX Trainer
Kettlebell Trainer
Freeform Trainer
Smart Core Trainer
Metabolic Specialist Trainer
SHOKK Instructor | Training young people in the gym
anna clarke elite fitness

Accreditations/ Associations

anna clarke elite fitness

I'm an accredited personal trainer with multiple governing bodies and linked to various industry associations. This validation provides my clients with the knowledge that they are working with a professional.